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Bilu Industria

Our Company



Bilu currently offers one of the most complete snack lines in the market. Popcorn, chips, wheat snacks, extruded snacks, cassava chips, and cookies make up our product range.

Our products can be found in all regions of Brazil, as well as in European, Asian, South and North American countries. Our constant pursuit of bringing the best flavor, texture, and presentation to our customers reflects in the unique loyalty of our consumers.


Our product

The path for a Bilu product to reach its consumers begins even before the planting of our raw materials. The selection of the best varieties of each product, combined with the best production techniques, form the basis for delivering experiences that mark generations of Bilu customers.

For this, our suppliers are selected through a rigorous process to ensure that the fundamental characteristics of our products are preserved, such as the unique crunchiness of Biluzitos or the lightness of our traditional popcorn.

With the selected ingredients, our production processes begin. Here, decades of experience are expressed in the art of producing passionate snacks. Each product goes through rigorous controls to ensure that all stages of the process are carried out correctly and that each product meets our standards.

Having a wide range of products, the common denominator that unites our family is the high criterion for quality control, ensuring lasting experiences. We are committed to keeping the memory of our products alive in the minds of our consumers and always seeking to evolve in quality and healthiness.

The future

Nowadays, Global food market is undergoing various changes as consumers become increasingly aware about the impact of food on their health and their daily lives. Although our products are typically known as "indulgence", as a company, our mission is not only to deliver the most delicious snacks possible but also to do so in a way that minimizes any negative impact on the health of our consumers. Our ultimate goal is to provide snacks that are not only delicious but also promote a healthier lifestyle.

We strive to achieve this through extensive research and development, using natural ingredients, and avoiding artificial additives wherever possible. In our product lines, we have ended the use of artificial colorings, replaced by natural colorings such as Urucum and Turmeric. We are working towards the complete removal of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) from our products, preferring the use of sea salt. All our cornmeal and popcorn kernels are non-GMO. Our used fat is 100% Amazon palm, sustainably produced with international certifications, it is cold-pressed and undergoes only physical filtration without any chemical additives in the process, ensuring the highest crispiness when frying, with less fat absorption compared to other oils.

These factors are some of the changes that contribute to delivering an increasingly better product without any loss of quality or flavor, keeping our loyal customers satisfied while opening new frontiers for the future of snacks.


Bilu's facility is located in Brusque - SC, 102 km away from Florianópolis. Our headquarters in Brusque has a factory area of 60,000m² and employs more than 200 collaborators.


Since 1996, when our operations were transferred to this unit, we have been producing 100% of our product line from this location.

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